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Problem and Solution:
Highly skilled craftsmen work carefully to remove an ugly coating from this Manhattan apartment wall.

Brick is naturally porous, so paint, varnish, sealers and soot are deeply attached. Removing coatings requires experience and skill. There is a best stripper for each coating (and there may be several layers), and each stripper must be handled carefully to achieve optimal results and avoid damaging the brick or harming the workers and the surroundings.

Professionals have available to them environmentally friendly, organic compounds and natural brushes that can remove most coatings, avoiding harmful, hardware store chemicals and abrasives.

Fortunately this wall has no oily stains permanently penetrating the bricks; they could have been reduced but not removed. Notice that the process is so messy that the workmen are wearing old clothes instead of good uniforms. The result is a bright, clean brick wall with its natural texture intact.

For more information on brick restoration and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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