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Problem and Solution:
A busy marina provides full bathrooms for those vacationing aboard the pleasure boats that sail the Long Island Sound. Thousands of visitors can take showers in these marinas every year, so they need to be clean and inviting. After a few seasons of hard use, the facilities usually need a deep cleaning and a few repairs.

HartzStone has the experience and equipment to clean and repair these commercial sized facilities that have seen more use in one summer than an average home bathroom would see in several years. HartzStone works with the business owners to provide the best value for the money without compromising its reputation for the best workmanship.

The photographs illustrate the work that HartzStone performed at a prominent Connecticut marina. HartzStone cleaned all the ceramic tile, giving special attention to the heavily soiled grout in the floor. After thoroughly cleaning the walls and floors of two showers, HartzStone removed loose and damaged tile and grout. The loose tiles were reset and the damaged tiles were carefully replaced with tiles supplied by the owner. HartzStone craftsmen installed new, high performance epoxy grout, which will resist mould and mildew in even the demanding environment of a commercial marina.

This clean marina bathroom is ready to welcome another summer of vacationing families and intrepid sailors.

For more information on tile restoration and care, contact us at 203.426.0885.

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