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Problem and Solution:
Terrazzo floors are composed of marble or other stone imbedded in a matrix of concrete incorporating fine aggregate. To lay a terrazzo floor the marble chips are layered over any color of fresh, appropriately formulated concrete, then the floor is ground smooth. This produces a continuously flat floor with a sheen provided by the polished marble. The marble chips give the terrazzo floor color, pattern and durability. The concrete base allows the terrazzo floor to take any size and shape, so terrazzo is an excellent choice for large, commercial floors.

This terrazzo floor was laid over 40 years ago, and has been used daily ever since. Terrazzo should be sealed to facilitate cleaning and it should be cleaned with pH neutral cleaners because acids damage both the cement component of the concrete base and the marble. The "before" photos of this floor show that the soil has accumulated mostly in the more porous concrete. However, tracking soil on the marble has left it dull and dirty too.

Commercial floors present special logistical problems because every square foot of commercial space is usually utilized, so merchandise must be temporarily relocated while the floor is restored. In this instance, the owners temporarily removed merchandise from the area near the entrance, and HartzStone cleaned and restored this area first. HartzStone began by aggressively removing the damaged and soiled surface, then continued with several polishing steps to restore a hard and shinny surface.

HartzStone used wet vacuums to remove the residue at each step and keep the porous concrete from reabsorbing the dirt. After the hard surface shine was restored, the entire floor was thoroughly rinsed, and dried.

The final step was to apply a heavy coat of penetrating sealer to protect both the concrete base and the marble chips. This clean and welcoming floor is ready for another 40 years of service.

For more information on terrazzo restoration and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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