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Problem and Solution:
Cleaning terra cotta is harder than it looks. HartzStone was called in after another company had tried to clean a terra cotta kitchen floor. After a good start the other company was unable to remove oily residue from the grout and remaining areas of an acrylic coating.

HartzStone uses professional cleaners and strippers along with professional machines and tools. In addition to using the best materials, HartzStone has the knowledge and experience to formulate the best solution for every problem.

Using floor machines and hand tools, HartzStone craftsmen removed every trace of the old acrylic coating and removed even deeply imbedded, greasy soil from the grout.

After the clean terra cotta dried, HartzStone applied two coats of a protective sealer to make future cleaning easier and give the desired appearance.


For more information on terra cotta restoration and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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