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Problem and Solution:
Terra Cotta's natural, warm colors and durability make it a popular choice for informal rooms, such as the kitchen and sunroom. Even a properly sealed floor eventually acquires layers of soil from foot traffic and frequent spills. Where the sealer has worn away or was never applied, the porous tile holds the dirt deeper than normal household cleaners and mops can reach. Dirt and stains are ground into waxes and acrylic coatings.

Fortunately terra cotta can be cleaned with professional cleaners and equipment without altering its natural tone or texture. Years of soil can be dissolved and vacuumed away. Old finishes are more of a problem, especially if a petroleum based coating was applied; however, natural and environmentally safe solvents are available for most coatings. The natural beauty of terra cotta is waiting to be revealed and enjoyed anew.


For more information on terra cotta restoration and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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