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This is a general description of the surface textures applied to natural stone. Not every type of stone will accept all of these surface textures; natural cleft surfaces, for example, are only possible with stones that will split, such as slate.

Polished, or high polished, has a very smooth surface and a mirror like gloss. Typically dense stones such as marble and granite will give sharp reflections. Stones with a translucent crystal structure, such as marble, will reveal this depth with a high polish.

Honed has a smooth surface with a dull or matt appearance. Stones with a honed surface will typically reflect diffuse images, which is especially desirable where glare would be a problem. Honed surfaces have a slight visual texture and hide traffic patterns and wear.

Fine Rubbed has a smooth surface and no reflections but has no apparent texture.

Flamed or Thermal has a flat surface with a rough texture; it is created on stone with a crystal structure by slowly passing a hot flame over the surface. The heat expands the surface crystals, which pop out of the cooler matrix. The resulting pits have a rough texture and offer slip resistance on stairs.

Water-Jet Flamed has the same finish as Flamed above, but is created by a jet of water under high pressure to dislodge the individual crystals.

Sandblasted has a fine textured finish created by an abrasive sand in a jet of air under high pressure.

Bush-Hammered has a coarsely textured surface created by metal tools, such as chisels.

Natural Cleft has the texture of the surface of the sedimentary layer revealed by flaking away layers above it.
Stones such as Slate are relatively even, with small undulations.

Picked, Hand-Hewn has a surface similar to Bush-Hammered, but more coarse.

Tumbled has worn and smoothed edges and surfaces created by tumbling the stone tiles in a slurry.  privacy  legal
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