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The most effective, state-of-the-art, sanitizing and cleaning system on the market.

Killing germs, mold and mildew with harsh chemicals, such as chlorine bleach, ammonia and alcohol can harm the natural stone, grout and concrete as well as the environment. VaporLux¨ can clean and sanitize safely using just water, heated to 311¡F. Almost any hard surface can be sanitized while it is cleaned. VaporLux¨ can provide sanitary surfaces for infants, cancer patients, and anyone desiring sanitary kitchens and bathrooms.

Because the water molecules in steam are extremely small they can penetrate deeply into tiny pores and crevices. Because the steam is extremely hot, it kills bacteria and other harmful organisms.

VaporLux¨ is not limited to just sanitizing, it can be used to quickly clean any hard surface indoors and out. Used with stone cleaners, VaporLux¨ can clean soap scum and the oils that accumulate in showers from the use of hair conditioners. VaporLux¨ can clean garages, whirlpools, foyers and mudrooms. VaporLux¨ can clean grout, caulking, fixtures and corners. Any hard surface can be cleaned, no matter how elegantly polished or dirty, and the added benefit is that the surfaces are sanitized.

The Value:
- Dirt, debris and harmful substances are removed.
- Chemicals, grease, oil, soap and detergent are removed
- Non-toxic, no contamination. Safe to use anywhere.
- Can detail clean as well as general purpose clean
- No Chemicals needed, although heat enhances chemical performance.
- Everything that is cleaned is hypoallergenic.

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Clean and Sanitize areas that you have never been able to clean before.
Restore Surfaces to their original finish.
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