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Problem and Solution:
The natural colors and textures of slate are essential to its beauty. Dirt, mineral residue, wax and other conditions obscure the natural stone.

A through professional cleaning with appropriate, conditioning cleaners will both remove the accumulated dirt and it will add minerals that are stripped from the stone by daily use.

The desirable texture is unaltered by the use of appropriate natural bristle brushes. A combination of machines and hand tools loosen residue without removing the natural texture. Removing water and waste promptly with water vacuums prevents the soil from penetrating the stone.

After the stone is thoroughly cleaned, a penetrating sealer fills the microscopic crevices that allow liquids and dissolved soils to stain natural stone. A wax or other surface coating is not necessary unless the owner desires that appearance.

An annual, light, professional cleaning and renewed application of the sealer will keep most stone looking as good as new under most conditions.

For more information on slate restoration and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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