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Problem and Solution:
Reopening the swimming pool each Spring usually means finding the pool deck a little dirtier than last year.

Sandstone is a popular choice for this area because relative to other natural stones for outdoor applications it is relatively resistant to acidic pool water, the texture is less slippery and is cooler under foot.

Sandstone is composed of tightly compacted crystals, and the fissures between these crystals harbor soil and stains. Unfortunately, soil, foods and lawn chemicals are close at hand by the pool.

Deep, professional cleaning with appropriate detergents can lift soil and other foreign matter. Wet vacuums lift the residue from the sandstone and minimize the effects on surrounding landscaping.

Appropriate penetrating sealers fill the fissures between crystals so that soils remain superficial. Following a professional cleaning and sealing, an annual light cleaning and reapplication of sealer can keep sandstone looking good next to the pool.

For more information on sandstone restoration and care, contact us at 203.426.0885.

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