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The first benefit of a polished concrete floor is readily apparent: it is a beautiful surface. A polished concrete floor is both shiny and smooth. A polished concrete floor has many treatment options. Exposing the aggregate creates an interesting terrazzo like appearance. Staining the concrete produces an all over warm color or a dramatic dark foundation. Stains will create any pattern imaginable. Stained concrete will not wear away, chip or peel like paint and epoxy coatings.

When the concrete is also hardened with densifier, it resists chipping, so accidentally dropping something does not leave a permanent reminder. Unprotected concrete can wears relatively quickly, generating a daily layer of dust as well. Hardened concrete wears like the aggregate, adding years of life to the concrete floor.

Polished concrete is easy to clean with just a mop and it resists picking up marks from tires and foot traffic. Large commercial floors can be quickly cleaned with the common walk-behind floor machines. No special cleaners are required for a clean and attractive floor; however, an especially formulated FGS Concrete Conditioner is available to continually and economically enhance the sheen of polished concrete. While wax, paint and epoxy coatings require reapplication every so often, the polished concrete floor is a permanent solution.

Safety is always a concern, and the FGS-PermaShine® floors have been certified as High Traction by the National Floor Safety Institute. This is especially important to businesses with ADA and OSHA requirements. Homeowners are just as safety conscious, and they have been reassured by the experiences of polished floor owners where spills and moisture are present.

Polished concrete removes surface defects. Polishing removes swirls caused by mechanical trowels. Cracks and voids can be filled before polishing for a uniformly smooth floor. Even large areas can be filled or leveled. Almost any existing concrete floor can become a beautiful, polished concrete floor. HartzStone provides both paint and epoxy coatings to concrete floors and walls; they are the appropriate materials when chemical resistance is required. Polishing removes the need to turn to a thick coat of paint or epoxy to cover a multitude of defects.

When the plan calls for a splash of color or a dramatic design element, the range of natural and dramatic dyes for concrete provides the pallet for limitless artistic expression. The translucent decorative concrete dyes can be applied full strength or diluted for a softer tone. Dyes can be blended and overlaid to produce custom effects. For examples of colored polished concrete and to see the color pallet, consult L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc. Vivid Concrete Dye™ at Click on the Product Catalog tab and scroll down to the Vivid Concrete Dye listing.

Green building practices include polished concrete floors for the thermal mass and reuse of existing materials. There is no need to sacrifice beauty to meet local requirements for green building credits. Avoiding the use of paint and epoxy is just one more benefit to the ecology and people sensitive to chemicals. Polished concrete is also a good alternative to vinyl flooring and its adhesive.

Exterior concrete needs protection from salt and water damage. Sidewalks, steps and driveways frequently show scaling caused by winter freezing and thawing. Aquapel, a water-based, odorless, one coat treatment provides years of protection for concrete, and it retains its non-slip characteristics.

HartzStone is a certified applicator for the proven FGS-PermaShine® method of polishing concrete floors without water and the associated mess of slurry and splatter. Polishing a concrete floor is clean and efficient. While this is important to most homeowners, it is especially important to retailers who do not need to remove stock from the shelves, and work can proceed when the store would normally be closed.  privacy  legal
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