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Problem and Solution:
Natural stone is an excellent choice for out door paving; however, the alternately hot and cold seasons are hard on the mortar used to set it. Moisture penetrates small cracks, and freezes in the winter. The frozen water expands and enlarges the cracks until the stone separates from the mortar. Small sections of grout may crack, or break off, and whole stones may come loose from their settings. The only solution is to replace the failed mortar.

If the stone is still firmly attached to the bed, the decayed and broken grout can be carefully removed to a depth of about New premium MAPEI grout has superior adhesion and color consistency. The new grout must be carefully applied to adhere to the edge of the stone and the mortar bed, and it must be cleaned off of the face of the stone promptly.

Loose stones must be set in new mortar, which means that the old mortar must be removed. Just because the stone is loose, does not mean that the mortar is weak or easy to remove. Often the old mortar bed is aged to maximum hardness. On the other hand, years of moisture in the mortar bed can decalcify the concrete and leave the stone sitting on crumbling sand. When the old mortar has been removed from the bed and the back of the stone, the stone can be carefully reset at the original height and slope.

With appropriate maintenance, stone paving is safe and beautiful.

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