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Problem and Solution:
At the turn of the last century, Connecticut was a mix of working farms and country estates. This substantial Connecticut manor house was built of the finest materials and continues to shelter its owners in patrician grace. Designed as a formal home in the country, the entry and drawing room feature a formal black and white marble floor constructed from the finest quality marble. The stones are an inch thick and, pardon the expression, rock solid.

Time and countless feet had left their mark. The floor was dull and stained in places. Black marble is harder than lighter colored marble, so the restoration of the floor was determined by the restoration of the black squares. First the adjacent walls, windows and doors were protected with plastic sheeting. The entire floor, more than 1000 square feet, was cleaned to prevent soil from penetrating deeper into the stones. The entire floor was ground with metal and diamond grinding wheels, several times, with successively finer grit abrasives, until the floor was as smooth as the day it was first set. The resurfacing revealed the clear and beautiful stone under the old scratched and soiled surface.

Unfortunately, the camera does not capture the depth of the light reflected by the marble crystals. However, the unbroken reflections of the windows reveal an added benefit of this restoration: the uniform smooth surface. In Europe the finest stone floors are ground smooth after installation to achieve this perfect surface. It is one of the ways that a restoration can leave the floor better than new.

If you are ever fortunate enough to see high quality marble after an expert professional restoration, you will see the depth of the reflection of light that returns the life to the stone.

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