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Problem and Solution:
The classic green and white marble floor of the foyer and hallways in this stately Westchester home are well over a half-century old.

This floor has several complicating conditions not obvious to non-professionals. First it is a mixture of 2 colors (3 in the star) and second the green marble is much harder than the white. The mixture of colors means that the workmen must be careful not to stain the white marble with the residue of the green marble. The mixture of hardness means that the white marble will wear away quickly while the green marble resists restoration. The restoration of this floor was done almost one stone at a time with hand tools. The result is clear, clean white marble next to clear, deep green marble. Both have bright, hard shines.

The star has the same combination of green and white marble with the added complication of black granite. The same hand restoration methods were used on the inlay and not a single ray on the star was nicked, cracked or stained. The entire floor was sealed and can be expected to look good for another lifetime.

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