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Problem and Solution:
If you have been fortunate enough to see the original marble bathrooms in some of this country's historical homes, you may have noticed that the marble is not lustrous and shiny like those in our new homes. Ordinary use and ordinary cleaning methods eventually erode the highly polished surfaces of our marble floors, walls and counters. Because the highly polished surface allows us to see deep into the crystal structure of the marble, the dull surface also destroys the magical depth and clarity that we value in fine marble. Fortunately, a newly polished surface restores the window on the inner beauty of natural marble.

Green and black marbles are especially difficult to restore because they are harder than the other colors. Experienced craftsmen, patiently using a series of diamond impregnated grinding wheels can resurface even difficult green marble.

Applying the penetrating sealer that is appropriate to the type of stone and its environment will protect the marble from residue that can penetrate the microscopic fissures between the marble crystals. Using pH neutral cleaners formulated for use on marble can protect the stone while removing the soap scum and water deposits that become so visible on dark marbles.

For more information on marble restoration and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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