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Problem and Solution:
This restoration revealed the dramatically beautiful black marble floor hidden by years of dirt and scratches. When the owners remodeled this distinctive home they considered their options for the badly distressed black marble floor in a room connecting with the main entrance. The casual elegance of the existing floor held great appeal so HartzStone was hired to complete the difficult restoration.

The first condition that made this restoration more difficult than others is that black marble is harder than lighter colored marbles. Because HartzStone has experience working on black marble and granite, they were prepared for the difficulties presented by the hardness of this floor. HartzStone has the tools and experience necessary for working on hard materials.

An unusual style in North America, but more common in Europe and South America, this black marble floor is composed of irregularly shaped slabs, fitted together like flagstone. The irregular joints expose more grout, which presents a problem for restoring the surface. When the grout joints are small, the grout that can be loosened by the grinding process is quickly ground away; however, the large grouted spaces between these irregular pieces can release a large piece of hard grout that can scratch the marble and cause the restoration process to start over. Highly skilled and experienced craftsmen using the best quality tools can anticipate problems and react quickly to changes in conditions to prevent new damage to the stone.

The degree of change is evident in the comparison of the completed restoration and the recessed area under the sisal mat that the owners decided not to restore.

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