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Problem and Solution:
Nothing says focal point of a room like the mantelpiece surrounding the fireplace. This pair of stained, soiled, cracked and loose mantelpieces were installed almost a century and a half ago in a Manhattan townhouse. The new owner brought in HartzStone to repair, clean and reset the hand carved, marble mantelpieces. It was a major undertaking, but the antique mantelpieces are again clean, and soundly attached to the wall.

The 150-year-old mantelpieces had loosened and separated from the fireplace wall behind it, so smoke and more importantly soot had leaked through cracks behind the mantel for many years. As soon as HartzStone removed the marble faŤade the crumbling plaster fill used by the builder fell off. HartzStone cleaned away the loose, broken and soot stained fill and rebuilt parts of the supporting wall.

HartzStone cleaned the back of the marble mantelpiece so that the old soot deposits would not continue to create new stains. HartzStone then reassembled the mantelpieces, affixing them securely to the wall with MAPEI Ultraflex polymer-modified mortar and filling all of the joints with MAPEI grout. The carved ornaments were reattached with metal anchors and high strength Laticrete Latapoxy 310 stone adhesive. HartzStone hand cleaned the hand carved mantel and the other surfaces were restored with machine hand tools.

After cleaning up the work area and removing the drop cloths and protective sheeting, the antique mantelpieces are ready for the new owner's family.

For more information on mantel restoration and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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