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Problem and Solution:
The masterful, hand carving of pre-war mantelpieces is not a guarantee of a corresponding level of craftsmanship in the installation. When the pieces of the mantle begin to separate from the wall and each other, when soot stains begin to appear, and when the marble begins to crack, the solution is a complete restoration by HartzStone.

This beautiful marble mantelpiece was loose, soot stained and cracked. The mantelpiece had been installed with simple plaster to hold it in place. Over the decades, the plaster dried and cracked, and the marble loosened, settled and cracked. HartzStone carefully dismantled the entire mantelpiece, and removed the rubble fill behind it. After cleaning and stabilizing the chimney wall, HartzStone restored the support wall with solid brick and mortar. Before reassembly, HartzStone carefully cleaned each piece of marble, front, back and sides.

HartzStone carefully set each piece of marble with a firm bond of mortar, and held them in precisely the correct location with clamps. When the lower pieces were firmly set, the upper pieces were set in place. Finally, the medallion was affixed with high strength epoxy adhesive.

When all the pieces of the mantelpiece were in place, HartzStone filled the cracks and holes with stone filler, custom colored to exactly match the color tones of the original marble. The final step was to restore the original polished surface without excessively destroying the patina that provides character and interest.

The result is pre-war beauty that is now set to survive the centuries.

For more information on mantel restoration and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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