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Problem and Solution:
Warm, creamy colored limestone with dark marble cabochons makes an elegant but not overly flashy foyer. Unfortunately, the texture that makes limestone uniquely interesting also makes it susceptible to accumulated soil. If limestone is not properly cleaned and sealed following installation, the dark dirt tracked in from the outside accumulates and is not removed by common household cleaners. Professional sealing and annual professional cleaning will keep limestone floors looking their best.

When a limestone floor is both dirty and has lost its shine, it needs a complete restoration: cleaning, resurfacing, and sealing. But the results are worth the effort: the limestone is renewed, the true color is revealed, the shine is restored, and best of all, the small differences in height between adjacent stones (called lippage) have been ground flat. A truly flat floor has no uneven areas to trap dirt and the reflections of windows are unbroken. A ground in place floor is the standard for high quality installations in Europe.

For more information on limestone resurfacing and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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