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Problem and Solution:
Ceramic tile has a vitreous coating that resists staining and can be cleaned with almost anything.

The grout is another material altogether. Common cementitious grout is formulated to be waterproof, but it is relatively coarse.

Oily, greasy and waxy dirt in kitchens and bathrooms embeds itself in the texture of the grout and household cleaners and hand scrubbing cannot dislodge it.

Professional cleaners and mechanical brushes dissolve and remove stubborn dirt. A penetrating sealer keeps dirt on the surface of the grout, and periodic light cleaning and reapplication of the sealer by a professional will keep the grout easy to clean.

In some cases, grout is subject to mildew or cracking and should be removed and replaced with an epoxy. Ask a professional to evaluate your particular installation.

For more information on grout restoration and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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