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The AMNH is a treasure for any parent and equally interesting for adults. Millions of items, displayed to their best advantage, will enthrall children from grade school through college. Everyone will have his/her own favorites in this comprehensive museum of natural history.

The geology exhibits describe the best scientific insights into the formation of the building materials we touch every day as well as volcanic eruptions we will never witness in person. You can see a moon rock and meteorites. Sections of petrified wood stand outside a room of dazzling cut and polished gemstones. Thousands of examples of rocks are organized by chemical composition.

Every subject, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral, is expertly presented to inspire and entertain. Every visit should include the reassembled dinosaur skeletons, the life-sized model of a whale, and the original Audubon paintings. The Rose Center is spectacular and the planetarium show is well worth the extra cost. If the current movie in the IMAX theater interests you, buy the ticket by all means; it is an experience you will not forget. The AMNH presents special exhibitions for limited engagements. The previous exhibit on diamonds drew capacity crowds for months and for good reason. Again, the special exhibits are well worth the price.

You should plan to stay all day. There are dining options for children and sophisticated adults (if you are visiting without children, The Café on One will delight your experienced taste buds). The lunch break will give you an opportunity to share your impressions and recharge.

Plan to visit the gift shops; it is like traveling the world. The AMNH has the best selection of games and toys for children and adults. These are the things that you will feel good giving as gifts or buying for yourself (the jigsaw puzzles are devilishly difficult). They offer an endlessly intriguing selection of books, videos and music. If you want distinctive jewelry, scarves and ties you will find them here.

Finally, for the serious scholar, the AMNH employs renowned scholars who conduct original research throughout the world. A letter, or email to the AMNH will usually find its way to an expert who can help with your research. Include a summary of your credentials along with a short statement of the research question and a fairly specific request for the help or access that you need.  privacy  legal
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