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Through cooperating retailers, HartzStone distributes a selection of FILA® products, in consumer sizes. HartzStone uses these and many other professional formulations, so
we are confident of the results that they will give to the homeowner. Go to Resources to
locate a retailer near you.
FILA® MarbleRestorer
A new restoration kit formulated by the Fila laboratories to restore small surfaces made of marble, travertine stone and polished limestone which have been marked by acid-based stains or atmospheric agents.

It is ideal for restoring kitchen and bathroom tops, tables, steps and window sills. It removes dullness caused by wear and tear as well as small marks on polished stone floors.

Fila MarbleRestorer effectively repairs these types of damage and helps customers restore their surfaces to former pristine condition without having to call in a professional expert.
The kit contains:
1. Fila Marble yellow metallic pad
2. Fila Marble white resin pad
3. Fila Marble blue resin pad
4. Fila Marble Sponge (white polishing pad)
5. Fila MarbleShine, marble polish - 200 ml
6. Fila Formula Marmo, marble finishing polish - 250 ml
7. Gloves
Stain Removers
FILA® No Algae™
Spray directly on the affected surface. No Algae™ will start to act immediately. Leave
NoAlgae™ on the algae, moss and other green growth for a few days, then rinse with water and a brush, a pressure cleaner, or just wait for rainfall. NoAlgae™ sometimes also reduces mould and mildew.
FILA SR/95™ is a stain remover for colored stains, such as wine, coffee, soft drinks etc., on natural stone surfaces, including marble. Spray on the stain, to completely cover. Wait for the stain to disappear (usually within a couple of minutes). Remove the residue with a sponge. SR/95™ is safe for polished marble. Removing the first application before it is completely dry and applying a second treatment can treat stubborn stains on marble.
FILA® NoSpot™
NoSpot™ was developed for use on terra cotta and is most effective if the terra cotta has been sealed and the stain is fresh. NoSpot™ is also effective on unpolished natural stone. Use NoSpot™ on oil and grease stains. Act quickly to blot up oil before it penetrates, then spray NoSpot™ on the stain. Brush off when dry and rinse. Repeat until the stain is removed as much as possible.
FILA® FilaCleaner™
The FILA® Cleaner is a neutral cleaner that does not leave a residue with normal dilution. Use this neutral cleaner for regular maintenance on all stone, tile, concrete and terra cotta surfaces. This cleaner is safe for acid sensitive materials, such as marble, limestone and concrete. Dilute one part cleaner to 100 parts of water for regular maintenance. Dilute 1 part cleaner to 30 parts of clean water for heavy cleaning. After using a 30 to 1 ratio for heavy cleaning, wash with the regular 100 to 1 ratio cleaner or rinse the surface with clear water.
PS/87 is a heavy duty, multi purpose cleaner, stripper, and stain remover. Dilute 1 part PS/87 with 30 parts clean water to clean outdoor concrete and artificial stone, or where ever heavy soil accumulates. Apply with a stiff hand brush or floor machine, scrub well, and rinse well.
FILA® FilaBrio™
FilaBrio™ is a multipurpose, low foam spray cleaner for tough and greasy dirt on ceramic tile, stainless steel, glass and vinyl. Spray directly from the bottle. Wipe up with a clean, dry cloth. Caution, test on an inconspicuous location before using near natural stone.
FILA® Formula Marmo™
Formula Marmo™ is an easy and quick daily cleaner for polished natural stone. Shake the bottle to mix the contents and pour a small amount onto a clean, soft cloth. Rub Formula Marmo™ on the surface. Turn the cloth and polish until the surface is dry. Formula
Marmo™ will remove light water spots.
FILA® Deterdek™
Caution, Deterdek™ is an acid reaction cleaner. It removes lime scale and saline efflorescence. Deterdek™ is suitable only for ceramic tile, terra cotta and other acid resistant materials. Dilute 1 part Deterdek™ in 10 parts of clean water. Spread on the area to be cleaned and scrub with stiff brush mounted on a floor machine or hand machine. Remove the residue with a wet vacuum, rinse and dry with a wet vacuum. For areas with heavy or stubborn soil, dilute 1 part Deterdek™ to 5 parts of clean water and work quickly in small areas. Deterdek™ is a potent cleaner; seek professional application if you lack the power brushes and wet vacuums to use the product effectively. Do not use on polished natural stone and black slate.
FILA FilaVia Bagno™
FilaVia Bagno™ is a slightly acid reactive deep cleaner and scale remover. Spray directly from the bottle and wipe up with an absorbent cloth. Caution, do not use on or near polished marble.
FILA® Naturwax
Naturwax is a durable paste wax that imparts a shine to stone, terra cotta, concrete, and wood. It is suitable for interior floors and counters. Apply a thin coat to clean, dry surfaces with a clean applicator. Wait until dry, then buff with a floor polisher. A second coat can be applied after 8 hours.  privacy  legal
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