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Problem and Solution:
This house was well constructed of the best quality materials in the 1970's and the new owners wanted to bring it up to date. The concrete slab floor had been finished with a dark skim coat, which had become mottled as it aged. The owners had several options, including laying a new floor, but wanted something that would harmonize with the natural building materials and the wooded acreage visible through the floor to ceiling windows.

HartzStone removed a section of the skim coat from a closet floor and ground the exposed concrete smooth so that the homeowners could evaluate this option. Grinding the concrete exposed and leveled the aggregate in the concrete, producing something like terrazzo. The aggregate in this concrete was probably obtained from the local Hudson River Valley gneiss and schist; it contains crushed stones of the same red granite, gray feldspar and black basalt used in the fireplace. Because of the natural appearance of the exposed aggregate, the homeowners approved the removal of the skim coat and the grinding of the entire concrete slab.

HartzStone erected plastic sheeting to contain the dust generated by removing the skim coat and grinding the concrete. Skilled use of hand held power chisels separated the skim coat from the concrete base without undue damage to the concrete. The exposed concrete was aggressively ground with metal disks to expose the aggregate. The exposed aggregate was ground with successively finer diamond disks until the floor was smooth and the aggregate polished. After a thorough cleaning, HartzStone applied a combination of sealers so that the floor will be easily maintained.

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