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Problem and Solution:
Slate is the perfect choice for this retailer. The natural texture of split slate combines beautifully with the informally fitted pattern of rectangles to evoke thoughts of a civilized, outdoor terrace. Slate withstands the wear of heavy traffic and it is washable, which is desirable because New England has four seasons of weather and the entrance opens directly to the parking area. Unfortunately slate is also slightly porous, so soil and greasy stains can penetrate and resist routine cleaning. The photos of the floor before cleaning clearly show the dirty traffic areas.

HartzStone has a decade of experience cleaning slate. Using powerful professional cleaners and floor machines, HartzStone removed deeply embedded soil and greasy stains without damaging the slate or grout. The dark traffic patterns disappeared and as the floor dried the true color of the stone reappeared. As a final step, the entire floor was treated with a protective, penetrating sealer that will protect it against stains as well as daily dirt.

The slate floor is again beautiful and practical.

For more information on slate resurfacing and care, contact us at 203.885.3717.

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