Hard Rock Cafe Stone 
Porphyry is a type of volcanic rock, igneous rock, which along with granite and other rock formations make up approximately 95% of the worlds "crust." So if you are one of the "upper-crust" or want to live in this class like manner, then go on down to the nearest cafe and have a hot or cold mocha java outside. Notice beneath your feet the pavers outside. If you are fortunate enough, you will be standing on Porphyry, the Royal Stone. In 300 A.D., the ancient Romans used porphyry to install in palace rooms for members of the Royal Empire. This durable stone, the Romans also used to build their roads. The stone can still be seen today throughout Rome.

This porphyritic rock currently used by the building construction industry for floorings, traditional and ventilated-wall facings, is a type of effusive volcanic rock - rhyolitic and rhyodacitic ignimbrites - that is commonly found in the earth's mantle. Some of the thicker and more renowned formations of closely fractured ignimbrites are to be found in Italy, Argentina, and Mexico. Less thick, fractured formations are found in Australia, Japan, and Greece.
Non-fractured ignimbrites, i.e. without slab formation, also exist in Italy, Argentina, Germany, Peru, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Iran, China, and Mexico. Petrographically speaking, porphyry consists of a microcrystalline to vitreous groundmass, which makes up over 65% of its volume, containing up to 30-35% of small crystals (sizes 2-4 mm). The most abundant crystals consist of quartz, which explains why this rock is also known by the name of "quartz porphyry." Porphyry also contains a small percentage of feldspar and traces of mica minerals.

Porphyry's technical characteristics make it one of the most important materials for paving and facing in europe, America and around the world. Porphyry is stronger than granite with more than 31,000 psi. The increase in the concern for safety and durability has led to the adoption of protective surfaces, which are slip resistant, prevent slipping, impermeable, easy to repair, have minimal installation and maintenance cost, offer an economic solution because of its durability; and yes, porphyry resists staining on floors and walls from your coffee or drink at the Hard Rock Cafe or Starbucks coffee shop. You can live with and enjoy the stone for a long-long time. The services to maintain are minimum. Use a good stone neutral cleaner from Fila, Aquamix, StoneTech, Miracle Sealants or other major professional stone care company. And for stronger cleaning or maintenance jobs use a product from Proseco.

I love this stone and so will you. Call Porphyry USA or Milestone Imports for supply or other information related to this stone. Both are in the USA with supplies in New Jersey, Florida, California, and New Mexico.

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