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HartzStone has been privileged to work with some of the finest architects on projects that required the
expertise and skill that is the foundation of the HartzStone business.

Architects want to preserve as much of the original design and material as possible when restoring fine residences. HartzStone has the breadth of knowledge of materials and techniques to bring any hard surface back to life. A thorough restoration can erase a century of wear from marble, limestone, slate, fieldstone or any other material used in previous centuries. HartzStone has the skill to restore floors, walls, fireplaces and other architectural elements. HartzStone works indoors and out on stone, brick and concrete. HartzStone preserves the timeless beauty of landmark residences for the enjoyment of another generation.
Modern additions can make the existing materials look worn and dirty by contrast. HartzStone can save a project thousand of dollars by restoring the existing natural stone, tile, brick, or concrete to a like new appearance that blends into the new material of the addition. A messy demolition and expensive replacement are unnecessary. The existing dZcor is preserved. Exterior walls and paving especially benefit from a thorough cleaning to blend with new additions.
Post Construction Services
Architects rely on HartzStone to clean up and appropriately seal new installations of natural stone, tile, brick and concrete so that the installation looks like the sample originally shown to the client. No one knows more about the appropriate preparation of new installations than the company that maintains and restores them from the first day to the days centuries later. HartzStone can provide a simple clean up and sealing to remove haze and spills of grout and mortar, remove efflorescence and spotting, remove footprints and other dirt, and remove other imperfections. HartzStone uses professional stone cleaners that also condition the stone with minerals that are stripped from the surface molecules by fabricating and subsequent handling. HartzStone can remove scratches from a small area or correct an uneven installation of the entire floor with the most elegant, European style grinding in place.
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