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Commanding Grover Hill for 80 years, this magnificent Georgian style, brick mansion overlooking Long Island Sound was structurally sound but in need of a thorough cleaning. The luxurious white marble portals and window lintels were now soiled, stained and pitted. The Vestibule floor just inside the main entry was also constructed of white marble in combination with black marble borders and inserts both of which were now dull, worn, soiled and stained. The terra cotta floor in the Kitchen and Family Room had acquired coats of grime imbedded in layers of various polishes and waxes. Concrete coping around the swimming pool had also acquired an unwelcome coating of dark soil and mildew.
Franco Grimaldi immedia tely recognized the potential for a designer showcase, and set to work assembling more than 30 of the most talented designers to fill the largest house in Bridgeport with the color, texture and line that would make a visit to this house memorable. As the designers brought in painters, carpenters and other highly skilled craftsmen, Franco asked HartzStone to correct some of the stains, imbedded soil and wear that disfigured the proud mansion.
Ed Hartz was quick to volunteer, as the design showcase raises money for UNESCO and two local charities, Dress for Success and Green Demolition. First the HartzStone craftsmen tested the designated areas to determine the condition and stability of the materials. All the materials were sound, so HartzStone proceeded with the professional cleanings and restorations that would uncover the original beauty of the house.
HartzStone thoroughly cleaned the exterior marble with a special power washer designed to use low pressure so as not to damage delicate carving on the marble, or round the edges of the adjacent bricks. Although difficult to wash off by hand, atmospheric soil and water based stains yield to the combination of low-pressure washers and selective applications of mild, stone cleaners. Working carefully, the HartzStone craftsmen revealed the original, bright white color of the marble above the windows and around the door.
When entering this grand mansion, the visitor first steps on a black and white marble floor just inside the front door. Marble is an attractive choice for a durable and waterproof floor, but 80 years of foot traffic had left scratches and deeply ground in soil. HartzStone removed the damaged surface to expose the original beauty of the marble. After several polishing steps, the marble regained its deep sparkle. Highly polished marble is just the right formal invitation to this expansive
Connecting with the Vestibule is a spacious Powder Room. Soil and stains disfigured the light pink tile floor. Professional cleaners and machines, with experienced hands to guide them, removed dull and discolored accretions and revealed the inviting, original color.
Terra cotta is frequently chosen for Kitchen floors because it resists acids, cleans with simple soap and water, and adds a warm informality to hard working rooms. Years of foot traffic, spills, waxes and other residue accumulated on any floor, but seem to have the most severe impact in the Kitchen. To restore the clean and inviting appearance of this floor, HartzStone applied a stripper to dissolve the discolored accretions. Using stiff, natural bristle brushes on powerful floor machines, the craftsmen scoured the layers of accumulated coatings and imbedded soil.
HartzStone vacuumed away the residue, rinsed the floor and allowed the raw terra cotta to dry with the aid of several large fans. HartzStone applied a colored wax to impart the deep, warm tone that the designer specified and topped the entire floor with a durable liquid wax to protect the terra cotta from soil and stains. The clean and protected terra cotta not only looks clean and
inviting, it will be easier to
maintain too.
The coping that surrounds the outdoor swimming pool had accumulated years of soil. HartzStone used a high-pressure washer to remove soil, stains and mildew from the deeply textured concrete. Harsh, acid cleaners dissolve concrete, because it is composed of the same calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate that comprise limestone and marble. Pure water, sometimes with heat, cleans the concrete safely and does not harm the environment.
The careful cleanings and restorations, removed disfiguring stains, soil and wear in key areas of the mansion. The talents of the designers no longer had to compete with dull and dirty floors and marble trim.

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Green and black stains on the
marble brackets, before cleaning.

Cleaning under, over and around.

Cleaning without damaging the marble.

The original beauty revealed.
Dull and dirty from countless footsteps. Removing the damaged surface.
Restoring the edges by hand. The elegant sparkle of restored marble.
A close look at the dirt and stains. Clean.
Clean here too. Clean all over.
Terra cotta before cleaning is dark
and discolored.
Using strong but safe chemicals and machinery.
Attention to detail. Finished with a rich tint and a deep
Stains and dirt before cleaning. Cleaning the concrete coping.
Cleaning all the way around. The coping is clean and ready for use.  privacy  legal
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