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Welcome to HartzStone. Browse around. Read about our stone restoration and concrete polishing services. Look at our work by clicking on the drop down menu bar above. You will find photos of our careful restoration of a stained marble shower, polishing marble floors and limestone floors, and stripping and resealing slate and terracotta floors. You will also find photos of our re-grouting tile walls and restoring both marble and fieldstone fireplaces. Use the Tell Us Your Needs area if you have stone, tile or concrete that needs skilled service. We provide the finest quality care for homes and businesses from New York to Boston, and some other areas by special arrangement. Thank you for visiting us.

Clean & Polish Marble Floors

Cleaning Marble Floors
Routine cleaning of marble floors can prevent damage and keep the marble beautiful. Three things to know: prevention, cleaning without damaging, and stain removal. Read More

Restore & Clean Granite Counters

Cleaning Granite Counters
Cleaning Granite counters after you use them will keep them hygienic and shining. Read More

Restore Dull Granite Counters

Dull Granite Counters
Granite resists acids and heat, but sometimes becomes dull after a year or so. Why granite may turn dull and what can be done to shine it. Read More

Restore & Polish Marble

Cleaning Marble Shower
Marble showers accumulate moisture, dirt, oil, mould, mildew, rust stains, scratches and all sorts of insults. From the marble's point of view, the shower is probably the most hostile environment in the home. Proper cleaning can prolong the appearance of fine marble. Read More

Clean Restore Slate Floor

Cleaning Cleft Slate Floors
Cleaning the textured surface of cleft slate can be easy if you take an extra step. If you avoid a few common mistakes the stone will remain clean and beautiful for years. Read More

Polish Restore Limestone Floor

Cleaning Limestone Floors
For the best results, clean Limestone with stone cleaner and rinse well with clean water. Ease cleaning and limit staining with a professionally applied sealer. Read More

Resurface & Clean Natural Stone

Cleaning Outdoor Stone
Soil, salt, moss and tire tracks commonly disfigure outdoor stone terraces, pool decks, walkways and walls. The homeowner can clean dirt and moss from outdoor stone with a brush and a few cleaners manufactured especially for outdoor conditions. Cleaning large areas is economical and faster when done by a professional with appropriate equipment. Read More

Clean & Seal Natural Stone

Should Stone Be Sealed
As a rule, only stone that will be exposed to soil and stains needs to be sealed. Most stone will absorb moist stains; however, granite is sufficiently dense that most stains will rarely penetrate the surface. Read More

Floor Grout Restoration

Brick, Terracotta and Other Fired Clay Products
Brick and terracotta are durable and forgiving materials. Appropriate sealers mitigate the absorbency of fired clay. Aggressive cleaning can remove accumulated soil, but professional striping is necessary to remove old coatings and wax. Read More

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Limestone Floor Restoration Videos

See Video of a Limestone Floor Restoration
Take a few minutes to view the professional techniques of a HartStone restoration:
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Polished Concrete Floors
Polished concrete offers beautiful and low maintenance solutions for garage floors, commercial floors and loft living spaces. HartzStone uses the dry FGS-PermaShine® technology to polish concrete floors. Adding hardeners, sealers and conditioners will create dense, durable and beautiful polished concrete floors. Read More

Porphyry is a dense and durable landscaping and building stone well suited to New England freeze and thaw conditions. HartzStone distributes porphyry in flags or blocks to meet the specifications of your project. Read More

The American Museum of Natural History at 81st Street and Central Park West in New York City has several geological exhibits that will interest children and adults. They explain the creation of familiar stones like Granite and Marble; they delight the eye with displays of petrified trees and polished gemstones; and they stimulate the imagination with meteorites and fossils. Be sure to schedule plenty of time, because there is so much to see. Read More

Monument Mausoleum
The tangible monuments to a family's ancestry stand in local cemeteries for many years, exposed to the elements and receiving no maintenance. On significant family occasions, a careful and respectful cleaning or restoration of cemetery monuments or family mausoleums evidences the high regard that we have for our predecessors. Read More  privacy  legal
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